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  • The vCISO role presents a challenge in that there is often a great deal of detail lost by not being present constantly. This is true. However, if there is no security presence, progress in cybersecurity will be slowed down and leadership is not available to drive the security agenda. This is an agreement that can be reached when assessing your organization's needs.
  • To address this problem, Hexafusion provides resources to support the security agenda and manage the hiring process for a suitable replacement.
  • A second option is to hire or deputize a competent but less senior employee to perform certain security-related duties in the absence of a part-time CISO. This ensures continuity and the continuation of security initiatives.



  • Access to security experts and services requires a lower financial barrier than hiring a full-time, high-quality CISO.
  • Provide objective feedback about current security risks and maturity.
  • This information provides insight into the wider security landscape because it is a result of being involved with multiple industries and organizations.
  • This increases information security resilience and reduces the chance of an attack succeeding.


What does the vCISO look in practice?

The diagram on right depicts an example of end-to-end vCISO engagement that leverages the Hexafusion Model.

Our clients work with us to determine the right amount of resources. These are often front-loaded in the first three phases and then rolled into blocks of time that last for a while, before being reduced as the operational security functions mature. The Senior CISO role focuses first on monitoring KPIs as well as continuous improvement and adoption of the threat landscape.


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