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6 Ways to Ensure Your Website and Business Are Secure


After all the hard work you’ve put into building your business, the last thing you want is for a lack of security to lead to an incident that ultimately spells its end. Small businesses are an attractive target for hackers and other types of cybercriminals. To protect your website and business as a whole—both digitally and physically—it’s critical to put the necessary measures in place. From working with professionals to choosing the right software to limiting the cash in your register, here are six ways that you can do just that:

1. Know the Risks

In 2019, the Poneman Institute surveyed 592 small business owners; 76% reported that they had undergone a cyber attack in the previous year. The threat is real. Why are smaller companies such a major target for data theft, phishing, and other cyber attacks? Hackers and thieves know that many of these businesses are unprepared, and they consider customer data every bit as valuable as cash. So if your business hasn’t experienced an attack yet, count yourself lucky and start building up your security now!

2. Hire Professionals

Your first step toward digital security should be to hire a team of IT experts. Protecting your website and business is a complex process, and we can provide all of the end-to-end technology solutions necessary for your business. As a business owner, it also helps for you to gain some basic knowledge and skills in IT and software, which you can do through web resources like YouTube.

3. Choose a Secure Host

When choosing a host for your website, it may be tempting to go with the least expensive option. However, different web hosts offer varying levels of security. Do your research, and go with a host that provides great server protection, as well as features like regular backups and Secure Sockets Later (SSL).

4. Choose Trusted Software

There are a number of software and cloud-based security programs that can help protect your business from viruses, breaches, and other threats. Before purchasing anything, do your research to make sure you’re choosing a well-established solution. While you’re at it, consider going all-in on digital transformation. By adopting machine learning, you can ensure that your company is maintaining up-to-date, high-level security for your networks and authorization requests while making your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

5. Limit Access

Many cyber attacks occur through emails and website updating. Make sure your employees are well-informed of the risks and have them trained in the proper security protocols, such as knowing how to identify bad links and scams and frequently changing their passwords.

Also, limit employee access to your website administration. As the owner, only you and your most trusted managers should have full access to updating your website. Everyone else should only be able to login to the specific parts of the site that they need to fulfill the tasks relevant to their position.

6. Practice Physical Security

Finally, you should also consider how you can protect your physical store/headquarters. The most effective way to achieve this is to deter criminals from attempting a crime in the first place. Along with getting a quality security system, install lights inside and outside of your property, put secure locks on the doors and windows, and make frequent deposits so that you never need to keep a lot of cash in the register (or in the back).

Don’t let all of your hard work go out the window; do everything you can to protect your business from cyber crime and other attacks. Understand the risks that small businesses face, and hire a professional IT team. Choose the most secure host possible for your website, and invest in quality software and/or cloud-based security programs. Lastly, ensure your employees are trained in security protocols, limit access to your website administration, and take any necessary steps to secure your physical property.

If you need help setting up top-notch security for your small business networks and devices, contact us today by filling out the form, or for a more personal touch, reach out to us at 604-757-2010 for free consultation!

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